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Task4Work, the 100% cloud-based Field Service Management solution, will be present at the IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions World Congress at the Fira de Barcelona from 3 to 5 October.


At present, it is difficult not to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Every day we engage more and make greater use of our devices, allowing them to influence our decisions and even allowing them to make them for us.

By using sensors that connect the physical world with the Internet, the IoT provides devices with the necessary ability to become independent, and even smarter than they already are. According to current predictions, the standardization of this interconnection will become brutally significant in economic and social spheres.

At a corporate level, the IoT increases the chances of achieving goals and objectives, meeting KPI’s (key performance indicators) that help us to measure our performance as an organisation, where customer experience is the final strategic differentiating aspect. This is one of the reasons Task4Work has decided to be present in the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. This 100% cloud-based solution allows you to manage field service teams efficiently through resource optimisation, to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction


But, what is the connection between Task4Work and the Internet of Things (IoT)?

We know that the IOT allows device-to-device communications. This connection is possible using “field devices” capable of recording incidents in real time. For example: a business that installs and services lifts could receive an incident alert (via sensors) sent directly by a lift, even before the customer is aware of the problem, before there is any call to service and/or repair the machine.

The Task4Work application will allow this company to assign a technician with the necessary skills, availability, and who is in the vicinity to tackle the issue, all of which will have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and in reducing running costs.

This is a simple example of the many situations in which our tool, based on Google’s technology, could be used to improve your business’s Field Service Management.


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Once again Task4Work at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona
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