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Task4Work can increase the productivity levels of your dispatchers or coordinators because one of its goals is precisely to help them and your field workers to perform their jobs more efficiently while increasing productivity.

In many organisations, field work planning, coordination and monitoring is a very difficult task, despite the fact that we have communications that were unthinkable years ago, such as mobile devices that allow us to take the office with us. What became of the pagers, for instance? Or of trunking systems? We now have e-mail, WhatsApp, instant messaging and, of course, mobile phones. Let’s not forget that we can also phone each other 😉

But these unconnected systems are not the ideal solution that a dispatcher requires. The mere fact of calling or contacting someone must be combined with an information management system. Many people use spreadsheets or, in the best case scenario, CRM systems because they lack something more sophisticated and really adapted to their tasks.

Combining all the tools mentioned above (not to mention traditional paper chequebooks), it is frankly difficult to keep abreast of the work performed and planned as well as having real control over our mobile fleet of vehicles. If, in addition to the above, we outsource work, we need to take even more care.

How Task4Work might help you to improve your Dispatchers Productivity

Aware of the shortcomings of field workforces, we have developed a solution that has made us truly proud. Task4Work, an on-line tool that is always available regardless of the device, the place and the time of day. It integrates information, communications, maps and geolocation, and all this with remarkable user-friendliness, to the point of being able to assign tasks with a simple drag-and-drop gesture.

It features a comprehensive tasks list that appears as a structure of folders in tree mode, in such a way that dispatchers can have access to detailed information for each task and may also, for example, attach documents, access the activity history for each task or launch a video-conference with the workers assigned to them. This undoubtedly makes it easier to handle emergencies and contingencies in an optimal way. Real time knowledge of the work in progress makes it possible to make decisions without delay and without making mistakes.

Another powerful Task4Work function is its ability to perform advanced and complex searches, filtering by virtually any field on a form. It even allows you to save filters in order to re-use them for future searches, ensuring updated results depending on the time of use.

Dispatchers will also be able to export the results of such searches if necessary or to generate scorecards or exploit Business Intelligence information thanks to the Task4Work Analytics module.

Another detail that makes Task4Work a high productivity tool is that it can display multiple views in parallel that not only show different and complementary information at the same time but that can also interact with each other. For example, with one click we can look at the map and at the same time see the list of selected tasks and view the details of the field worker assigned a given task. The worker can view the route to reach his next task location, taking into account traffic information, as the site will be geolocated by the application. As it is built on the Google Maps platform, the system will display the best route to reach the destination.

Task4Work also allows us to see the timetable of tasks assigned on any date by assigning colours to each job or resource to make it easier to control availability. This will make it possible to better control incident resolution times, maximising the number of tasks that are assigned to each worker. This, in turn, will enable us to improve their productivity and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction as we meet their requirements with greater flexibility.

I don’t want to carry on forever but, in short, Task4Work offers dispatchers a wide range of solutions that make their daily operations more efficient, reduce mistakes and increase management capacity.

It is also an open platform that accepts a high degree of personalisation: we can automatically incorporate the inputs of tickets from the CRM we mentioned at the beginning, or create specific fields for our business, which we can incorporate in forms and, from the moment we generate them, they can also be used by the search engine.

If you want to see it with your own eyes, you can watch this video.

Simply contact us and we will be happy to provide a demonstration without any obligation.


Dispatchers productivity enhanced by Task4Work

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