José Hernán Cortés, General Director: ” It is the future for every service company.”

The company

Obremo is a Spanish global service-provider company which offers infrastructure projects, installations, commercialization and all types of maintenance for large companies.

The company’s core business is the operational management of both public and private infrastructures in national and international territories. It is focused in water, telecommunications, electricity, gas, renewable energies and infrastructure sectors.

The challenge

Among their many operations, Obremo is in charge of home inspection services throughout the country. It consists of about 1800 daily inspections carried out by 60 inspectors. To complete all this workload, they needed a tool to manage their staff efficiently, having a full vision of all the work carried out and the localization of their field technicians in real time.

The solution

Task4Work was shown to them as a capable tool for managing and planning the mobile workforce daily tasks according to their needs. It also provides the optimal planification by assigning the closest and best qualified technician. For Obremo, Task4Work means the adoption of a workflow that finally allows them to improve their performance and focus on the company’s growth.

The outcome

Thanks to Task4Work, Obremo has accomplished:

  • High versatility
  • Great reliability
  • Considerable improvement on dispatcher and inspectors performance
  • Increase of productivity and costs control
  • Efficient and geolocated management of the home inspections all over Spain.
  • Control, coordination and management of the daily activity in real time
  • Customer loyalty thanks to the high quality of their service


More information

Obremo improves its performance with Task4Work